We are excited to bring Thera-Clean to your pets



How do you really know what’s
going on DEEP down in the skin?

There’s only one way to be sure. Ignoring
symptoms of skin issues only leads to larger,
costlier and further complications. You get to
clean your skin on a regualr basis,


why not your pets?

A Thera-Clean bath is the deepest and
safest cleaning technology available.


Thera-Clean deep cleans with nothing but water bubbles. This may seem impossible, but these are innovative microbubbles. When pets are experiencing allergies or sensitivities of the skin, avoiding soaps, surfactants and chemicals, you may come to desire it. In addition to lifting the animal to place it in the bathtub, there is no other need to touch the pet. This is extremely important for animals that have severely inflamed skin. The reduced contact with a deep cleaning also improves the healing process. The future of our planet is extremely important. A Thera-Clean treatment does not use chemicals in any way. If necessary, only natural plant-based enzymes are used to help the microbubbles lift up waste from the skin and pores of the animal.