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Sylvia Sonnier

I have a passion for taking care of our furry little family members. I have a history of rescue and foster care. I am a AKC Safety Certified and have goals of becoming IGA Certified. Currently studying hand Stripping. I’m always working on improving my grooming style and technique. My number one priority is the comfort and health of animals.



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Katie Lea

I’ve been grooming for 13 years. I started out in a corporate setting, worked for 2 major companies, and found that a local shop is where my passion truly shines! I have an eye for everything from shavedowns to scissor cuts, and even adding a bit of flare to a pet look. While I do try my best to achieve a parent’s vision to the look of their pet, the pet’s safety and comfort is my #1 priority! I look forward to becoming your pet stylist and helping your baby to put their best paw forward in comfort and style!

Aubrey (Pet)

Aubrey Benoit

I love every dog that comes in. My goal is to make every pet conformable and make them look the best they can look. Working with your pets helps me understand their body language, which makes the groom more relaxing and easy for the pup. Every groom is a bonding moment, and I couldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.





I have 10 years grooming experience and I am a true animal lover. As a groomer I strive to achieve neat, quality pet trims. It makes me happy when I know a dog looks and feels their best. Your pet’s comfort and safety are always my priority.






Ray Broxson

I’ve always been a very passionate animal lover of all species. I love every aspect of the grooming business. Keeping your pets happy and safe is always my top priority. Educating myself in further grooming techniques is very important to me for giving the best quality.